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Portfolio analysis


The real estate portfolio deriving from «secured» NPL credits is analyzed and classified to identify possible areas of intervention


Analysis process:

  • Acquisition of available documentation (notary deed, cadastral survey, expert report, cadastral plan)

  • Possible access to supplemental deeds

  • Possible site inspection

Strategic evaluation

The strategic evaluation phase involves the following steps:

  • Analysis of the economic / commercial potential of the property:
    - Characteristics of the property (planimetry, views, conservation state)
    - Location, access to services and connections

  • Analysis of accumulated expenses / charges

  • Clear definition of ideal destination for the property:
    - Direct resale
    - Management:
      rent + resale, micro accommodation, conduction

  • Clear definition of the investment plan and calculation of the ROI for each different scenario


Enhancement and promotion

The enhancement of the property involves the following steps:


  • Acquisition of the documents

  • Planimetric surveys and vector modeling

  • Architectural Design & Interior Design

  • Clear estimated prices for:
    - Building practices
    - Building works and installations
    - Detailed specifications
    - List of furnishings

  • Production of technical and informative material

  • Planimetry

  • Photorealistic renderings

The promotion of the property servers the purpose of  achieving the economic objectives within the set times:

Production of information material:
- Photorealistic rendering
- Photo shoot / (Virtual) Home staging via BIM Technology (Building Information Technology)

- Virtual Tour 360 °
- Information sheet

- Videoclip

Publication of information material on multiple channels:
- Thematic portals (e.g.,,
- Social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)
- Blog

Realization and management

  • The construction works and the plans foreseen in the project are carried out by qualified companies that operate according to a consolidated approach of project management

  • The materials, systems and furnishings are purchased and installed by qualified suppliers, selected by their standards of sustainability in the production process

  • All the legal required certifications are produced during the process

  • For properties intended for rental and reception services, it is possible to add the property management service

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